Get to Your Happily EVEN After

The lawyer you choose is important, but what if we told you the single most important factor that will impact the outcome of your divorce is YOU.

Considering a New Jersey Divorce?

We Can Help. It’s What We Do. 

We will help you understand NJ Divorce Law, so you can learn how to set proper divorce goals and fight for yourself and/or the best interests of your children. You are an individual and we understand that means your matter is unique.

If You’re Here it Means You Really Care. We Really Care too, That’s Why We Dedicate Our Lives to This.

If you’re here you or someone you know may be going through or contemplating a divorce. You may feel scared, alone, uncertain of the future.

We can help, but first you need to take control of the situation. That means learning what you’re up against. This website has information on practically every divorce and family law topic, including addressing the negative emotions that may arise as you go through your divorce journey.

Here you’ll find hundreds of articles, dozens of podcasts and videos, books we have written, an e-course we prepared, law guides, and links to our articles published in national and state law journals and magazines.

We didn’t outsource preparing these materials. We wrote everything ourselves. On our Podcast you’ll hear Carl discuss New Jersey Divorce law. We do everything ourselves so we can stay on top of the field and so we can be sure you’re informed. We update our site almost every day with new material to improve the experience.

You’re not alone, even if the divorce journey feels like a solitary one. What you are experiencing is common, even if it’s a first for you. We have helped numerous people through the process so our advice and our materials can help you address your concerns, gain important perspective, and learn from the experiences of others so you can make wise decisions for your future.

We want to work with people who desire to be informed and who will put in the work to understand the law, formulate their goals, and pursue those goals with great focus. Why? Because those are the types of clients we can really help.

It’s sort of like learning to drive. First you need to learn about the process itself, then you can focus on moving forward safely. We’ll give you the tools you need to take the wheel. That said, when you need us we’ll be here for you every step of the way. We won’t let you go off track.

We’re here to help you learn about the law and the process so you can determine your unique goals. Then we’ll work together to implement a strategy to achieve those goals. By being focused at all times on realistic, actionable goals, we can help ensure a smooth ride.

Although you may believe your divorce may be knockdown, drag out affair, many of our firm’s divorces go smoothly. We will weigh the pros and cons before implementing any strategy or tactics. There is a cost for every action or inaction, we need to weigh carefully.

We have prior experience in civil litigation that we believe makes us stronger family law advocates. We teach you to process the emotion so that you can view your case as dispassionately as possible, like a governmental entity or an insurance company would.

Part of that is estimating the legal fees for every tactic or strategy we may wish to implement. That is the type of sophisticated thinking that large corporations implement in handling legal issues. We also emphasize implementing modern technology in our practice. Yes, we are a law firm that runs entirely on Macs. That efficiency is passed on to you in financial savings, stronger attorney-client communications and confidentiality, and a more consistent experience. We have the tools and the staff to move the matter forward quickly.

When you both bill by the hour and respect your clients, you find ways to be more efficient to save them money. Our business runs on word of mouth and we take it very, very seriously.

The below famous quotes apply not just to military strategy, but to a successful outcome of a divorce case, and that even includes lower conflict and uncontested cases.

“Information is Power.”

“Know Thy Enemy but Know Thyself.”

“In a Battle Between a Bear and an Alligator, Who Will Win? It depends on the Terrain.”

We Want You to Be Informed About New Jersey Divorce Law. The More You Know and the better you and your lawyer can communicate together, the Better Your Results Will Likely Be. Many people act as though Divorce is a game. We disagree, divorce is not a game. This is Serious Business. We’re here to help.

Below is our “Divorce Zones”—specific areas of learning available to you. So take your time, read up, and see how you can get to your Happily EVEN After.

Or Click here first if you’d prefer more basic information found in our frequently asked questions section.

The Alimony Zone – Click Here to Learn about spousal support, how it may impact your divorce, how to modify it after the fact, and everything else you could want to know about alimony.

Child Support Law Zone –Click here to learn all about how child support and other child expenses are calculated in New Jersey. If you have children you don’t want to miss this important area of the law addressing how to calculate child support, how to get reimbursed for extracurricular activities and college, how to emancipate a grown child, unreimbursed medical expenses, and more. Learn about it all in the Child Support Law Zone.

Custody and Parenting Time Zone – Click here to learn all about New Jersey Custody and Parenting Time Law. We all agree, nothing in life is more important than our children. Co-parenting can be difficult even in an intact family, but in a contested divorce can lead to serious issues of contested custody. Learn how to protect your children’s best interests, learn about grandparent’s rights and paternity law issues, learn how to co-parent, and how to handle contested custody issues in the Custody and Parenting Time Zone.

Divorce Procedure Zone – Click here to learn all about New Jersey Divorce Process and Procedure. Whether you retain a lawyer or not you’ll want to know the nuts and bolts about what goes into a contested or uncontested divorce matter. This is the zone that shows you all of the court dates, paperwork, and general procedural considerations that go into a New Jersey Divorce.

Domestic Violence Law Zone – Click here to learn about domestic violence law and restraining orders in New Jersey. Unfortunately some cases are not just highly-contested, they include threats of force or actual physical violence requiring seeking restraining orders. Other times spouses may attempt to use the domestic violence law to get an innocent spouse out of the marital home. Learn about these important issues in the Domestic Violence Law Zone.

Equitable Distribution Law Zone – Click here to learn all about property division law in New Jersey. How will you divide your assets? How will you handle debt? You’ll need to divide your pension, learn what assets may be exempt from equitable distribution, perhaps sell real property such as the marital home. Learn all about these sometimes complex and very important issues in the Equitable Distribution Law Zone.

Prenuptial Agreements Zone – Click here to learn all about “prenups” in New Jersey. If you’re engaged it may make great sense to negotiate a prenuptial agreement. “Prenups” can be lifesavers in a divorce or death of a party but are quite tricky to negotiate and to ensure they are binding. Learn more at the Prenuptial Agreement Zone.

Divorce Emotion Zone –Click here to learn about emotion and how it may impact your divorce. This zone serves a function sort of like a sauna at a gym. Although we are a divorce law firm and not trained psychologists or mental health experts, we are all too familiar with how negative emotion can ruin an otherwise strong case. If you’re going through a divorce or other serious family law matter you’ll need to make sure you’re of the right mindset. In some ways this may be the most important zone of knowledge on this site.

Our Motivation

For years firm principal Carl Taylor has been actively writing not only articles for other lawyers in national and state-wide publications and seeking to be a thought-leader in the field of New Jersey Divorce law, but also publishing countless articles, blog posts, e-books, and other reports for clients, prospective clients, or anyone interested in learning more about New Jersey Divorce law and Divorce Procedure.

Our firm website has hundreds of articles and other materials as we believe you need to understand the law and be fully informed or you will not be able to set appropriate goals or remain focused on those goals.

We have seen first-hand the negative impact a lack of communication can have on clients.

Carl decided at a young age to pursue law school when as a child he witnessed his parent’s confusion over a legal issue outside their control. As he lived through his parent’s ordeal it appeared to Carl that their attorney failed to properly communicate with them and when he did it often came across as patronizing.

Carl vowed he would grow up to be a lawyer to help hard-working people and that he would do things differently. That is why we will always put our clients and their needs first in a down-to-earth manner. It’s who we are and what we do. We will never forget where we came from.

The positive feedback we most often hear from our clients at the end of a case are that we moved the matter forward efficiently, that we are personable, and that we have quick response times. That makes us smile, because that is what we work to provide every day.

We implement the latest technology to communicate with you and to be available to you. We utilize video conferencing, e-books, secure cloud-based technology to ensure confidentiality, family-law specific software, client management software, the use of credit cards and online pay, self-scheduling through the internet, and more to provide a timeless but modern experience. Our Podcast “Happily Even After” and our E-courses provide important information in different mediums. 

You Have a Say. Get Informed So You Can Work Toward Your Unique Goals.

Effective attorney-client communication and a client being presented with the proper tools to understand the process are so important. This is particularly true in the area of family law, where emotion can often triumph over reason.

Proper preparation for the potential marathon of a divorce includes knowledge and access to information. This website gives you that.

This is the first step and if you retain us, we will remain committed to keeping you informed at all times. Nothing should surprise you during your divorce–it’s already difficult enough.

Whether your ultimately retain an attorney or not, knowledge of yourself, and knowledge of the legal terrain will lead to a more optimal result.

We’re people first and legal professionals second. As our clients you are the most important part of our business. We are down to earth and we offer practical advice on how to move forward.

Divorce can be hell, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll steer you onto the right path, help you formulate plans and goals, and lead you to your Happily EVEN After.

We look forward to hearing from you.