Aside from firm principle Carl Taylor, you may also interact with Firm Office Manager Dawn Augustine or Firm Paralegal Andrew Russano. Below is a bit more information about Dawn and Andrew.

Dawn Augustine, Office Manager & Legal Assistant

Dawn joins us after 23 years of working as a court Administrator in Kingwood Township . She officially retired on December 31, 2018 after 10 years in Milford Borough, 7 years in West Amwell Township, and 23 years in Kingwood Township. Dawn has lived in Kingwood Township for the past 28 years and she and her husband have raised two sons. Both have graduated college. One is a civil engineer, living in Vermont and her other son lives in Texas and works in Mass communication.

Dawn and her husband of 26 years are in the process of building a house in Vermont and are looking forward to moving there in the next few years. They love to snowmobile, and they want to try kayaking. Dawn loves to read and always has a stack of books to read in her down time. She is looking forward to a “new Career” and seeing what the challenges are before matters get resolved in a court room.

Andrew Russano, Paralegal & Head of Marketing