Happily Even After – The New Jersey Divorce Guide (Teaser)

Carl Taylor, Esq.’s Comprehensive New Book on New Jersey Divorce Law: Happily Even After: the Guide to Divorce in New Jersey

Within the next few weeks my book on New Jersey Divorce Law will be published. The book is titled: Happily Even After – the New Jersey Divorce Guide and will provide a comprehensive overview of the procedure, law, and emotion involved in a New Jersey Divorce.

As a “teaser” for the upcoming book, below is the forward by friend and local marriage counselor Glenn Murphy.

If you’re contemplating divorce, you know a
lot about pain: raw, emotional, gut-wrenching pain. The person
you once stood beside and made promises to is now the one who
no longer wants to live another day with you or the one you can
no longer abide … or both.
When a friend becomes an enemy, when a trusted ally become a betrayer, when love turns to apathy or worse, then your
heart will be crushed and your mind may go into the spin cycle:
“What should I do? Where do I begin? How will I survive? How
will I make it financially? Emotionally? What will become of
my home … my life … my future … my children?

No one goes into marriage planning for or preparing for
divorce, but when it hits, and it can hit like a hurricane, it can
devastate everyone in its path. As a seasoned therapist who
has worked extensively with divorced and divorcing men and
women and their children, I have had a front row seat to it all.
I’ve seen lives and hearts scarred beyond recognition, but I’ve
also seen others recover and rebuild their lives, sometimes even
better than before.

And while each situation has its own unique
set of elements and factors, its own nuances, its own story to
be told, everyone, to recover well, will need supportive friends
(definitely), a good therapist (probably), and a wise and experienced attorney (absolutely) to guide them along the way.

No one goes into surgery or should go into surgery without
being well informed about preoperative care, the surgery itself,
and post-operative care. Likewise, no one should go through
divorce unprepared and ill informed.

In his book Happily Even After, family law attorney Carl Taylor has provided a comprehensive guide to the questions you want answered and the questions you didn’t even know to ask about divorce in New Jersey.
Mr. Taylor provides an invaluable manual to a journey you
never intended to walk but has now become (or may become)
yours to walk.

The book will equip you with technical and legal
information, but what makes it unique is that it also addresses
emotions—yours, your children’s, your partners—a topic most
attorneys skittishly avoid.
Glenn Murphy, LPC
New Jersey