If you’re considering a New Jersey Divorce it’s important that you understand your rights, your responsibilities, and the legal process you will be undertaking.  I have put together a twenty (20) day “course” to provide you such an overview.  You will learn how to effectively communicate with your lawyer, how to save costs, and how to plan and prepare for ending the marriage contract. Given the scope of the material, I recommend that you read one section each day.  You will learn all about different types of divorce proceedings, alimony law, custody law, parenting time law, equitable distribution (dividing your assets and debts from the marriage), child support, and much more.  You will also learn about the court process and the many court proceedings and procedure leading up to the divorce trial (or settlement).

Or for more law-specific individual courses, click below by subject area:

Please note that the law is always changing.  Please also note that the below provides general information of an educational nature but does not create an attorney-client relationship.   When you’re prepared to hire a lawyer, I hope you’ll consider retaining our firm, Carl Taylor Law, LLC.  You can contact us at 908-237-3096 to schedule a consultation.  All the best to you in weighing this important decision.

Our Free Book: Happily EVEN After – The Guide to Divorce in New Jersey

If you’re considering a New Jersey divorce or Family Law action you should first learn about the process.  Our 200+ page book is the starting point for how to successfully navigate your New Jersey Divorce. Click here to request a free E-Book version or call 908-237-3096 to request a Free print copy of the book.