Two for me… for you…..

You’ve come to the right place to learn all about New Jersey Equitable Distribution Law, or what many refer to as “property division.”

Many people believe equitable distribution simply means dividing everything 50%-50%. But that’s not the half of it (see what we did there).

There are few areas of a divorce that are more complex than determining how to properly divide marital assets, determine which assets are exempt, and to following the equitable distribution factors in accordance with New Jersey Divorce law. Not only that, but even if you can agree to a split, how do you address valuations for items such as houses, cars, or rare collections.

In recent years technology has created even more complex asset classes, such as attempting to locate and divide cryptocurrencies. When people dissipate funds or attempt to hide funds, experts and extensive discovery might be required.

Although you may be entitled to roughly half of the marital estate, you may be surprised by how much you have to work for it if the other side is not playing by the rules.

The Equitable Distribution Law Zone has all the resources you need to learn about this important and complex area of NJ Divorce Law.

Feeling ambitious? Click here for the extensive equitable distribution and property division law guide.  Coming in at thousands of words you’ll be beyond well-informed when you’re done reading our guide.

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