The Alimony Zone – Click Here to Learn about spousal support, how it may impact your divorce, how to modify it after the fact, and everything else you could want to know about alimony.

Child Support Law Zone –Click here to learn all about how child support and other child expenses are calculated in New Jersey. If you have children you don’t want to miss this important area of the law addressing how to calculate child support, how to get reimbursed for extracurricular activities and college, how to emancipate a grown child, unreimbursed medical expenses, and more. Learn about it all in the Child Support Law Zone.

Custody and Parenting Time Zone – Click here to learn all about New Jersey Custody and Parenting Time Law. We all agree, nothing in life is more important than our children. Co-parenting can be difficult even in an intact family, but in a contested divorce can lead to serious issues of contested custody. Learn how to protect your children’s best interests, learn about grandparent’s rights and paternity law issues, learn how to co-parent, and how to handle contested custody issues in the Custody and Parenting Time Zone.

Divorce Procedure Zone – Click here to learn all about New Jersey Divorce Process and Procedure. Whether you retain a lawyer or not you’ll want to know the nuts and bolts about what goes into a contested or uncontested divorce matter. This is the zone that shows you all of the court dates, paperwork, and general procedural considerations that go into a New Jersey Divorce.

Domestic Violence Law Zone – Click here to learn about domestic violence law and restraining orders in New Jersey. Unfortunately some cases are not just highly-contested, they include threats of force or actual physical violence requiring seeking restraining orders. Other times spouses may attempt to use the domestic violence law to get an innocent spouse out of the marital home. Learn about these important issues in the Domestic Violence Law Zone.

Equitable Distribution Law Zone – Click here to learn all about property division law in New Jersey. How will you divide your assets? How will you handle debt? You’ll need to divide your pension, learn what assets may be exempt from equitable distribution, perhaps sell real property such as the marital home. Learn all about these sometimes complex and very important issues in the Equitable Distribution Law Zone.

Prenuptial Agreements Zone – Click here to learn all about “prenups” in New Jersey. If you’re engaged it may make great sense to negotiate a prenuptial agreement. “Prenups” can be lifesavers in a divorce or death of a party but are quite tricky to negotiate and to ensure they are binding. Learn more at the Prenuptial Agreement Zone.

Divorce Emotion Zone –Click here to learn about emotion and how it may impact your divorce. This zone serves a function sort of like a sauna at a gym. Although we are a divorce law firm and not trained psychologists or mental health experts, we are all too familiar with how negative emotion can ruin an otherwise strong case. If you’re going through a divorce or other serious family law matter you’ll need to make sure you’re of the right mindset. In some ways this may be the most important zone of knowledge on this site.

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