Firm “Mascot” Isla is all heart…but she’d gladly trade away the whole farm for a single dog treat. Learn how our impulses and emotions can interfere with the ultimate goals of your New Jersey Divorce

You’ve learned the law, but what about how emotion can positively or negatively impact your New Jersey divorce?

You’re fighting for your children because you love them. But what if fear or feelings of guilt or sadness begin to overwhelm your decision-making process. It’s only natural, you’re not a robot and the path through a divorce can be an arduous one. Let us light the way for you.

Below you will find great resources on the subject of emotion and divorce. Knowing the law is important but the importance of understanding and addressing the emotional element of a divorce cannot be understated.

The Divorce Emotion Zone has all the resources you need to learn about this important and under-discussed element of a successful divorce and finding your Happily EVEN After.

Feeling ambitious? Click here for the extensive Emotion and Divorce Guide. Coming in at about thousands of words you’ll be beyond well-informed when you’re done reading our guide.

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