If it Takes a Village then Why Do I Feel so Broke?

You’ve come to the right place to learn all about New Jersey Child Support Law, or what many refer to as simply “child support.”

Many of my clients that are responsible for paying child support find it difficult not because they do not want to support their children, but because they would rather assist the children directly rather than hand over money to their ex.

For those receiving child support, there may be concerns about the amount being inadequate. Sometimes there are issues of collection and child support arrears.

Although New Jersey courts utilize a specific child support calculator, calculations are only as good as their inputs. There are plenty of vagaries that both parties can fight over regarding inputs.

Then there are important considerations of items not covered by the child support guidelines such as: emancipation issues, extracurricular activities, health insurance and unreimbursed medical expenses, college costs, and more.

The Child Support Law Zone has all the resources you need to learn about this important area of the law.

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